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As archers we often talk about the Physical and Mental training it takes as an athlete to perform as safely and efficiently as possible. Today we're going to touch on a training topic that athletes often overlook as a part of their physical training: NUTRITION. The first word that usually comes to mind when you mention nutrition as a coach is diet. That's not necessarily the case. Each individual athlete is different, but we all can all benefit from a nutritional guideline that is going to provide our body with the resources and energy it needs to perform well. Below we have a few examples from USA Archery of different meal proportions and foods that will help to fuel your body according to the volume and intensity of physical activity you plan on implementing in your daily training. Also check out the link at the bottom of our post to see what Team USA likes to eat and for new recipes to try out!

This is a great starting point for archers and other athletes who have yet to focus on nutrition as an aspect of their physical training routine, but nutrition can also be affected by travel and other factors, such as tournament schedules. To give you all some steps of planning for travel nutrition as an athlete, we've posted some info from the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) below. There are some great examples for what snacks to pack and other travel factors to plan for in addition to the travel foods listed in the factsheet. Even if you're only training and shooting locally for now, it's a great resource to have handy for future shoots that may have you planning to travel!

Above we also mentioned that your nutrition can vary based off of tournament scheduling as well. So we've posted another great resource from the USOC to help you prep for your next tournament! Use the info below to help you fuel your body the right way and to help you stay at the top of your shooting game!

Ever wonder what the pros like to eat? Check out this link to follow Team USA's nutrition and what recipes they like to prepare too at Cooking With Team USA!!

*We are not medical professionals and the information posted is only to be used as an educational resource. Every athlete and individual are different, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding your nutrition or making any changes to your current nutritional plan, please make sure to contact your healthcare provider or a medical professional.

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