About Shawn

Coach Shawn began shooting archery with his grandfather who introduced him to the world of archery through bowhunting. Shawn has been an avid bowhunter and archer since. Coach Shawn is also a competitive compound archer, a former Hoyt staff shooter, and an experienced bow technician. He now brings that expertise to 10 Ring Archery Club as a USA Archery certified Level 2-NTS instructor and helps to coach our JOAD and AAAP programs. Shawn is also our bowtech for the pro shop at 10 Ring Archery with over 20 years experience working on hunting and competition equipment.

Let Coach Shawn help you achieve your archery goals and sign up for lessons at 10 Ring Archery Club!

What some of our archery students say:  

"Shawn is one of the instructors for the Adult Archery Achievement program at 10 Ring and he is amazing. Just when you think that you're never going to be able to understand a certain topic or skill, he has this way of explaining it so that it suddenly 'clicks' and next thing you know you're working your way towards mastering a new skill."


- B. B.

"My son was interested in archery for a long time, but wasn't making much progress. We had tried out a few programs locally, but he never seemed to truly move forward until we found Coach Shawn and JOAD program. Shawn has a really great way of being able to look at my son and know how to guide him into the right direction, in regards to both shooting and his mental attitude. I've never seen my son as excited to participate in an activity or as motivated as he has been since we joined the JOAD program with 10 Ring. I definitely recommend Coach Shawn and the JOAD program to anyone looking for a legitimate archery program for their kids."


- Christina T.

"This man is seriously a bow YODA! I will never bring my bow to anyone else. I compete and I bow hunt year round, and I expect my bows to have the best tuning possible. I have a few bows that are tricky to tune and Shawn always gets them spot on. He's an extremely knowledgable bow tech and has helped me to improve my form on more than one occasion! If you have an archery questions about your bow or your shooting form, then visit Shawn."


- John S.

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