Archery Training

The Level 3 courses are the most advanced classes that 10 Ring Archery Club offers and class enrollment is by invitation only. The Level 3 courses are designed to take a archer's form to the next level of improvement through new techniques, compound and expand upon previously learned skills, distance shooting, improve scores, PT training, Flexor instability training, tournament prep, training plans, and more. The goal in our advanced classes is to get our archers to their peak performance levels.

10 Ring Archery Club's Level 3 classes are all taught by a USA Archery NTS certified Level 3 coach. Level 3 classes will vary in size depending on the topics beging learned in class. All students must own their own equipment, and it is encouraged, but not required that Level 3 students participate in 10 Ring Archery Club's JOAD/AAA programs.

The price for Level 3 courses is $25 per student. The class is 1 hour and 15 mins of shooting and instruction. Specific training based classes, such as the Flexor instability, SPT, or PT training classes will be announced in advance. It is recommened that students arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up and warm up, so that they can take full advantage of instruction during class time. No repairs or complex adjustments to equipment can be made during class time due to time contraints, but our coaches are availble outside of classes to help with any repairs or changes our shooters would like to make to equipment. We appreciate your understanding.


Level 3 courses are an ongoing enrollment class with a more intense training regiment that pushes archers to excel in the sport of archery. Archers must maintain scores of 500/600 for reurve and 550/600 for compound to remain in advanced classes. Check our events calendar for class dates and times, or head to our Bookings page to schedule your lesson today! Please schedule your lesson in advance as no walk-ins can be accomodated for Level 3 courses due to training plans being structured based on the number of participants. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance for full refund.