Archery Class

Our Level 2 courses are open to shooters at an intermediate level or higher. Level 2 students will have mastered the fundamental archery skills taught in our Level 1 classes, or will have received approval from one of 10 Ring Archery Club's coaches prior to enrollment. The Level 2 courses are designed to improve an archer's form by adding more complex skills to their shooting form and to work towards mastering these new shooting techniques. The goal in our intermediate classes is improve groups, boost scores, introduce new skills, and begin shooting at longer distances during outdoor season. All of our classes are taught by a USA Archery NTS certified coach or instructor. All Level 2 classes allow only 8 students per class to promote a small group setting where individuals can focus on learning new skills and master new techniques.

Level 2 courses are ongoing enrollment classes that allow archers to progress at their own pace. Archers must have completed the 10 Ring Archery Club Orientation class and graduated from our Level 1 courses, or have received an approval from a 10 Ring Archery Club coach prior to enrollment in this class. Beginning level equipment is provided for students who do not own their own set up, though at the intermediate level a student will progress more quickly if they own their own equipment. For questions on purchasing equipment, please contact one of our club coaches for more details. 

The price for Level 2 courses is $23 per student. The class is 1 hour of shooting and instruction from one of our 10 Ring Archery Club coaches. It is recommened that students bringing their own equipment arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up, so that they can take full advantage of the class time. No repairs or complex adjustments to equipment can be made during class time due to time contraints, but our coaches are availble outside of classes to help with any repairs or changes our shooters would like to make to equipment. We appreciate your understanding.


Check our events calendar for class dates and times, or head to our Bookings page to schedule your lesson today! Walk-ins are

welcome when space is available. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance for full refund.